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MagnaFlow Conv Universal 2.25 inch PC2 Rear

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Catalytic Converter Universal

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MagnaFlow Conv Universal 2.25 inch PC2 Rear
MagnaFlow California Grade CARB Compliant Universal Catalytic Converter 338005 helps keep the check engine light off. Get the right fit for a wide array of vehicles thanks to the adaptable Universal design (cutting and welding is required). With highly corrosion resistant, stainless steel construction, you can have confidence in the quality of this catalytic converter. This replacement part is designed to meet or exceed California Air Resource Board requirements, and has undergone additional testing to comply with CARB guidelines to allow for legal use in California and CARB restricted states, for the listed vehicles.

This Part Fits:

Year Make Model Submodel
1978,1980-1982 American Motors Concord Base
1980-1982 American Motors Concord DL
1980-1982 American Motors Concord Limited
1978 American Motors Gremlin Base
1978 American Motors Gremlin Custom
1978 American Motors Pacer Base
1979-1980 American Motors Pacer DL
1979-1980 American Motors Pacer Limited
1981-1982 American Motors Spirit Base
1981-1982 American Motors Spirit DL
1979-1980 Chrysler Cordoba 300
1979-1983 Chrysler Cordoba Base
1980 Chrysler Cordoba Crown
1980-1982 Chrysler Cordoba LS
1980-1981 Chrysler LeBaron Base
1980-1981 Chrysler LeBaron Medallion
1980-1981 Chrysler LeBaron Salon
1980-1981 Chrysler LeBaron Special
1979-1980,1982 Chrysler New Yorker Base
1980-1981 Chrysler Newport Base
1980-1981 Chrysler Town & Country Base
1980 Dodge Aspen Base
1980-1981 Dodge Diplomat Base
1980-1981 Dodge Diplomat Medallion
1980-1981 Dodge Diplomat Salon
1981 Dodge Diplomat Sport
1980-1983 Dodge Mirada Special Coupe
1983 Dodge Omni Base
1983 Dodge Omni Custom
1979-1981 Dodge St. Regis Base
1985-1991 Ferrari Testarossa Base
1987-1991 Ford Country Squire Base
1987-1991 Ford Country Squire LX
1992-1994 Ford Crown Victoria Base
1992-1994 Ford Crown Victoria LX
1993-1994 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor
1992-1994 Ford Crown Victoria S
1992 Ford Crown Victoria Touring Sedan
1978-1982 Ford Fairmont Base
1978-1983 Ford Fairmont Futura
1981,1983 Ford Fairmont S
1980 Ford Granada Base
1980 Ford Granada ESS
1980 Ford Granada Ghia
1981-1982 Ford Granada GL
1981-1982 Ford Granada GLX
1981-1982 Ford Granada L
1979-1986 Ford LTD Base
1983-1986 Ford LTD Brougham
1979-1986 Ford LTD Country Squire
1986 Ford LTD Country Squire LX
1980-1986 Ford LTD Crown Victoria
1986 Ford LTD Crown Victoria LX
1979 Ford LTD Landau
1985 Ford LTD LX Brougham
1980-1982 Ford LTD S
1987-1991 Ford LTD Crown Victoria Base
1987-1991 Ford LTD Crown Victoria LX
1987-1991 Ford LTD Crown Victoria S
1980-1981 Ford Mustang Base
1980-1981 Ford Mustang Ghia
1982 Ford Mustang GL
1982 Ford Mustang GLX
1982,1984 Ford Mustang L
1984-1993 Ford Mustang LX
1988 Ford Taurus GL
1988 Ford Taurus L
1988 Ford Taurus LX
1980-1981,1983-1988 Ford Thunderbird Base
1984-1986 Ford Thunderbird Elan
1984-1985 Ford Thunderbird Fila
1981,1983 Ford Thunderbird Heritage
1983-1988 Ford Thunderbird LX
1980 Ford Thunderbird Silver Anniversary
1983-1988 Ford Thunderbird Sport
1980-1981 Ford Thunderbird Town Landau
1991-1995 Infiniti Q45 A
1990-1995 Infiniti Q45 Base
1994-1995 Infiniti Q45 T
1976-1990,1992 Jaguar XJS Base
1987-1988 Jaguar XJS C
1990-1991 Jaguar XJS Classic Collection
1989-1990 Jaguar XJS Collection Rouge
1986-1987 Lincoln Continental Base
1986-1987 Lincoln Continental Givenchy
1986-1987 Lincoln Mark VII Base
1986-1992 Lincoln Mark VII Bill Blass
1986-1992 Lincoln Mark VII LSC
1986-1994 Lincoln Town Car Base
1986-1994 Lincoln Town Car Cartier
1990-1994 Lincoln Town Car Cypress
1990-1994 Lincoln Town Car Executive
1993 Lincoln Town Car Jack Nicklaus
1986-1994 Lincoln Town Car Signature
1989 Lincoln Town Car Signature SE
1990-1994 Lincoln Town Car Touring Edition
1994 Lincoln Town Car Tournament Edition
1980 Lincoln Versailles Base
1981-1982 Mazda 626 Base
1981-1982 Mazda 626 LX
1984-1985 Mazda RX-7 GS
1984-1985 Mazda RX-7 GSL
1984-1985 Mazda RX-7 GSL-SE
1984-1985 Mazda RX-7 S
1987-1988,1991-1993 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3
1980-1981 Mercedes-Benz 280CE Base
1980-1981 Mercedes-Benz 280E Base
1980 Mercedes-Benz 280SE Base
1984-1985 Mercedes-Benz 380SE Base
1982-1983 Mercedes-Benz 380SEC Base
1981-1983 Mercedes-Benz 380SEL Base
1981-1985 Mercedes-Benz 380SL Base
1981 Mercedes-Benz 380SLC Base
1984-1985 Mercedes-Benz 500SEC Base
1984-1985 Mercedes-Benz 500SEL Base
1986 Mercury Capri 5.0
1980-1982 Mercury Capri Base
1982 Mercury Capri Black Magic
1980 Mercury Capri Ghia
1981-1982,1984-1986 Mercury Capri GS
1982 Mercury Capri L
1987-1991 Mercury Colony Park GS
1987-1991 Mercury Colony Park LS
1983-1986 Mercury Cougar Base
1983-1988 Mercury Cougar LS
1980-1981,1987-1988 Mercury Cougar XR-7
1979-1980,1986 Mercury Grand Marquis Base
1979-1980,1986 Mercury Grand Marquis Colony Park
1987-1994 Mercury Grand Marquis GS
1986-1994 Mercury Grand Marquis LS
1979-1980,1983-1986 Mercury Marquis Base
1979-1980,1983-1986 Mercury Marquis Brougham
1980 Mercury Monarch Base
1988 Mercury Sable GS
1988 Mercury Sable LS
1978-1983 Mercury Zephyr Base
1982-1983 Mercury Zephyr GS
1978-1983 Mercury Zephyr Z7
1983 Mercury Zephyr Z7 GS
1983 Nissan Pulsar Base
1983-1986 Nissan Sentra Base
1983-1986 Nissan Sentra DX
1984-1986 Nissan Sentra SE
1983-1986 Nissan Sentra XE
1980-1981 Plymouth Gran Fury Base
1980 Plymouth Gran Fury Salon
1983 Plymouth Horizon Base
1983 Plymouth Horizon Custom
1980 Plymouth Volare Base
1983-1984 Subaru DL Base
1986-1987 Subaru GL Base
1987-1989 Subaru RX Turbo
1983-1987 Subaru Standard Base
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